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Fun Frit Fact #5 Holy Cow Enamel Girl !

Posted by I Love on 1/27/2020 to Fabulous Frits
Fun Frit Fact #5  What's the difference between Joe's Original Enamel Mixes? & Joe's Enamel Blends?

All of Joe's Original Enamel Mixes used Joe's favorite white 1055 as the base. All 16 colors had the same base 1055 white. Keep in mind this was done since 1965, Joe did not like change.

In 2015 when Joe told cheryl anne she could kick things up a notch the first thing she did was started packing up Joe's Original Mixes with color bases.
At first Joe was not happy about this. But when he started getting phone calls from his friends/customers saying that they loved the new mixes, Joe came back to cheryl anne and said
" Holy Cow Girl, you done good ". accompanied with his usual grin of amazement.

here is a sample of cheryl anne kicking it up notch.