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(Contest) Frit Happens

Who may enter:

Any artist living in the United States of America over 18 of age may enter. You can be a new artist or a seasoned professional everyone is welcome to enter. While we know most artist using enamels are torch firing or kiln firing, we are open to all methods of applying enamel frits to create master pieces.

What we are looking for:

Entries that showcase good use of color and design using any of the enamel frits offered on I Love or I Love on Etsy.

This includes all of Joseph Spencer Original enamel colors which he made and used for over 51 years as an Enamelist and Professional Instructor.

It also includes all the new enamel mix colors made after 2015 by cheryl anne. You can use one color or several colors what ever your style is, let it shine.

Why we are doing this:

We’ve always admired Joe for making the frit and quite frankly a lot of Enamelist today, have never even tried enamel frit. Joe made and used frit for 51 years and this is our way to honor and follow in his footsteps. It also gives enamel artist a way to showcase their wonderful enamel work using frit mixes and/or blends.

When can you enter:

You can enter at any time. Submitted work must have been completed in the last two years. When sizing your photos to be uploaded, please limit the longest size to
1800 pixels and no larger than 2 meg.

Contest opens May 2020 and closes November 13th, 2020.

Winners will be announced Dec 1st.

Best of Show 100.00 credit voucher to spend as they wish from I Love
1st Place 80.00 credit voucher to spend as they wish from I Love
2nd Place 70.00 credit voucher to spend as they wish from I Love
3rd Place 60.00 credit voucher to spend as they wish from I Love

I Love   pays to have items shipped to the winners.

Entry fee is $35  Whether you submit 1-3 entries the price is the same.

Where can you find the entry form so you can enter ?:

Please click the link below for the 2020 entry from/application. Look forward to seeing your wonderful creations. Remember work safe and have fun.

Click Here for the 2020 Frit Happens Entry Form