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Cheryl Anne's T Bar Trivet (kit)
T Bar Trivet by Cheryl Anne

Cheryl Anne's T Bar Trivet (kit)

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Cheryl Anne's T Bar Trivet (kit)
This is an original tool design by Cheryl Anne my wife and best friend.

Your bead trivet comes wit the following items...
1 bead trivet
1 small jar of bead release 

 enamel bead trivets
       $ 14.50 each  OR look for drop down box for discounted pricing.

Cheryl Anne's T Bar Bead Trivets are made of Stainless Steel. They have been tested for temperatures of 1600 F.

You can use these bead trivets in a kiln or with your torch.

The T Bar Trivets  help hold items in place while you torch fire or kiln fire your items.
They can be used for enameling, metal work, polymer clay, pmc and pottery.

PLEASE NOTE... IF you are planning to use the T Bar Trivet this bead trivet in your kiln or with your torch, between each firing you MUST apply the bead release.
If your using polymer clay you do not need to use bead release.

Plain simple instructions with photos, are included in our photo area.
and written how to use instructions are below.
These instructions were written for the Bead Trivets, but the same rules apply.
Base of trivet measures: approximately  1 1/2 inches
Stem measures: approximately  3 inches

** please note all our tools are made by hand, they are not pretty and they are not perfect, we are not machines, we are real people. However, they get the job done and they last a long time.

HOW TO USE Cheryl Anne's T Bar Trivets in your kiln or with your torch.

Brush a small amount of bead release on the top bar of your T Bar Trivet.

Place your bead or object on the stem
Then fire as you normally would.
After firing let your piece cool down.
Then remove your bead or object from bead trivet.
Clean by rinsing off any fire scale with soap and water.
And your ready to go.
***between each firing you MUST apply the bead release***

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We do not accept returns. We are only human, if you have a problem, call us first and lets work it out before giving bad rating for something that is easily fixed or addressed. We truly would like to see all our customers happy. After all isn’t that why we make our art in the first place.

Common Sense and good safety practices will go along way. We can not be responsible for your safety. Always use proper equipment and safety gear when using any torch firing or kiln firing equipment.

Please note: We do everything we can to try and produce photographs that show the true color as they appear in our studio. However your computer monitor and our monitor may not be the same.

All our products come from a smoke free, perfume free, pet free environment. All our products are hand made with love.

Joe Spencer our dear friend who got us involved with enameling well he is enjoying heaven now. If you would like to read more about him and his enameling art life, please visit this special site made in his honor. We miss him very much, but know he is very happy in heaven with his friends and family. We can envision Joe and Mr. Carpenter and Bill Hedwig from Thompson Enamel up in heaven creating really nice art pieces.

We made some enameling videos that we hope you find helpful. You can view all our videos for free on      I Love        on You Tube

We thank the Lord for You, our kind, nice, art making customers, most of which we now call friends. We truly thank you for your business and support, thank you.

Blessings to you from Jim and Cheryl Anne
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