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Blue  Enamel Bead Frit with base and Hand Cut Copper Beads for metal artist using a torch or kiln

Blue Enamel Bead Frit with base and Hand Cut Copper Beads for metal artist using a torch or kiln

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Joe Spencer's Torch Fired Copper Enamel Bead Mixes/Blends with Hand Cut Copper Cylinder Beads 3 Jar Sample Set Do you have a torch and want to try something fun to get out of the normal work mode your in? Or Have you made beads and wanted to try a color, but do not want to spend a whole lot of money doing so? Then mixed blends with our hand cut cylinder copper beads are just what you have been looking for. This is a great way to see what colors you like the best and try out our hand cut copper cylinder beads. Sample sets are great for those of you who like to have every color there is, before buying larger quantities. Sample sets are also helpful to the artist that like to make one of a kind beads without having waste. Great item for gift giving. Size: ( FINE) which is the small size frit mixes that Joe has used for years in his workshops. You will receive 1 small jar: Base Coat White You will receive 1 small jar: Mixed blend color: Blue You will receive 1 small jar: 10 Hand cut copper cylinder beads Photo shown is what you will receive and how it is packaged. (2 enamels and 1 bead jar/in 3 separate small jars) Jars are 1 1/2 inches across and 3/4 inch tall, see through plastic. ** please note you will always receive a little more of the base coat enamel, since you will using more of that base coat. Some times in shipping the enamels tend to shift or compress, but a little bit goes along way. You’ll have plenty to work with. —————————— How the blends/mixes are used. Joes Torch Fire Technique. This is a short over all description of how this product is used to make copper enamel beads. If you need lessons please contact us by email [email protected] Take your base coat and place 1/2 of the jar contents on your work surface. Take your color mix and place 1/2 of the jar contents on your work surface. Try to be careful not to mix the two piles on your work surface. * we use the line tool that Joe makes to keep the piles neat and separated. Using your mandrel, carefully heat your bead and then roll the bead into the base coat pile to cover your bead, fire. Repeat this process 2 - 3 times until you have completely covered your bead. The base coat is always used first. Heat the bead again and very carefully roll your bead into the color mix, and fire. Cool your bead in cooling tray. As your beads cool down, you will see color change, this usually takes a couple of minutes. This is normal. * we use Joes Bead Pulling Station when creating beads. It just makes life more fun and simple ——————————— Common Sense will go along way. We can not be responsible for your safety. Always use proper equipment and safety gear when using any torch firing equipment. Please note we try very hard to match the colors and show the colors as closely and as honestly as we can. Each computer monitor is different. If you have questions about this product or need lessons you can email us or call us 727-596-7822 Eastern Standard Time Zone. Florida Thank you