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Hello Friends,

We enjoy designing, making and offering tools and enamel frits to you, our customers. For many years we have tried to cover rising cost for our artists but we can no longer do so if we want to stay in the business of offering tools and frits to you!

The prices set up for enamel frit we sell were put in place before 2013. At that time color g for example from Thompson Enamel was 28.00/ plus shipping. The prices for material have consistently risen since then. Now the same color g enamel as of March 2022 now cost 61.10/plus shipping. In the nearly ten years since 2013, we have maintained the same low prices to you, absorbing the difference ourselves.

In order to continue to offer the products you need, we have no choice to raise our prices. While we love to continue offering or products at the 2013 price, we simply cannot if we want to continue offering you tools and enamel frits. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We thank you for your continued support and business.

Sincerely, Jim and Cheryl Anne

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